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Private Coaching

Tailored to your specific needs

One on One Coaching

Work directly with me on the things that matter to you. This could be something specific you are having trouble with or it could be you want to continue working with me after one of my courses or workshops. Find out more about my private coaching

Courses (Group & Private)

Live & Love Your Life

6 week Intensives

Get my focused and personal attention on you to get results fast. We work for 6 weeks (group/private) with a different topic each week and exercises inbetween to make significant changes to your life. Find out more on working with me

Live Speaking

Own it! Trust it! Flaunt it!

Events & Workshops

Throughout the year I speak at different venues. My signature speech “Own it! Trust it! Flaunt it” is highly requested but I have other talks available. Find out more on my speaking page

​Tamara is a great listener and a very effective coach. Almost, without your awareness she gets to the root of your problem and gently coaxes answers and solutions out of you. She has sensitively challenged my limiting beliefs and pushed me out of my comfort zone, resulting in me feeling confident and empowered. I would highly recommend her. ​-SH, London

Empowered!, SH, London
I have been able to clarify my thoughts on a variety of issues, and motivated to carry out actions that have had a positive impact on my life.

Clearer thinking!, -LC, Portsmouth
The life coaching sessions have had an extremely positive impact on my life and I would consider this process to have been highly beneficial. The calm, supportive and highly focused approach taken by Tamara in assisting me to achieve my goals have resulted in lasting changes to my day to day life. I am very grateful to have had this experience .

Positivity!, -AT, Basingstoke
Tamara’s ability to spot areas that I needed help with, and her processes to deal with them, were really excellent. With her intuitive abilities Tamara spotted areas I needed to tackle in a manageable way. This came as a great relief to me as I was trying to do everything at the same time. She was very reassuring and sympathetic and if something didn’t work, we looked at it from an alternative perspective.

Less Overwhelm, -DW, Basingstoke
I am a lot more decisive about what I want to do and a lot more positive because of this. I am a calmer, happier, content person.

More Decisive, -JL, Basingstoke
My sessions have had a considerable impact. Tamara has enabled me to focus on specific areas, identifying parts I was feeling anxiety with and developing strategies to make them manageable. Her approach and personal skills have made the experience really enjoyable, she is incredibly supportive, totally reliable and really organised in her manner and structure of sessions.

Less Anxiety, -LC, London
I asked Tamara to coach me as I was struggling with my confidence and getting back to work after being off on maternity leave. She helped me focus one step at a time, making sure I didn’t take on too much. By doing this I am now settled in a new job and moving forward, whilst my confidence is growing every week.

More Confidence, -EG, London
I love Tamara’s upbeat style, and total belief in me. I had been really stuck on an issue for some time and really did not know where to go. She helped me unpack the problem and what was stopping me, I was genuinely very excited about completing the task at hand once I had come to terms with and overcome my own barriers.

Overcoming Barriers, -JB, Basingstoke
I have made more time to focus on what goals I have and what is important to me. Tamara has given me a new positive boost and made me realise my potential. I feel my life has more focus. I have been far more driven and have been able to organise my time much better.

More Time, -SD, Basingstoke

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